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Good deals & promotions

Good deals Meribel

In all the stations, there are very busy periods such as school holidays, and quieter periods during the shops and activities of the station become more affordable.

To take advantage of all the good Meribel deals, we advise you to take a good look at your holiday date possibilities because you will discover our resort from a different angle if you come during the quiet weeks.

We invite you to visit the Tourist Office website to find all the good Meribel deals, discounted ski passes, promotional activities, and many other benefits.

Accommodation Promotions

To accompany these good Méribel plans, the Mérilys also offers you exceptional promotions on your accommodation with reductions ranging from -10% to -20% on the public price of your stay, in hotel rooms or in apartments. rental in our residence.

Promotions for the start of the season and the opening of the resort, promotions for quiet weeks such as the end of the February holidays, or even promotions for spring skiing, … we have everything planned to make you spend magical vacation.

So don’t hesitate any longer and quickly consult our online reservation